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Osmose wants to act on all aspects of experience sharing, from student housing & short stays to co-working and co-living. Osmose aims at developing a new kind of experience related to the way we live and work.

We truly believe that the current evolution in behavior which is pushing people towards co-working and increased sharing is a structural shift in mentalities and not just a temporary trend.

Osmose’s primary focus is to deliver a unique customer experience in every location we offer.

We believe that the Real Estate industry has been focusing on square footage for far too long and that it’s time to finally put end-users at the center of everything we do. Housing & working should not be defined to satisfy individual ownership but should be built around communities, sharing and collaboration.

Our services

Property development

Osmose has gathered a wealth of experience in
real estate development from preliminary studies to financing, approvals, closing and development.

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Co-living management

Osmose is comprised of both in-house & external professionals and engineers to maintain and operate its real estate portfolio to the highest standards.

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Investment Management

Our team is led by experts with >20 years of experience in real estate investments.

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Our View on Student Housing

Student housing is a type of property, containing either single room or room-sharing structures and offering services designed for students in the vicinity of colleges, universities, schools or training centres.

These properties must address student concerns around comfort, convenience, community and computing, but also address parents concerns around security & affordability.

Student Housing in France
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