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Company Information

Osmose wants to act on all aspects of experience sharing. Osmose aims at delivering new experiences and a new approach to how we live and work.

We truly believe that the current evolution in behavior is pushing people towards a structural shift in mentalities and not just a temporary trend.

Osmose’s primary focus is to deliver a unique customer experience in every location we develop.

We believe that the Real Estate industry has been focusing on square meters for far too long and that it’s time to finally put end-users at the center of everything we do. Residential, Office buildings and Hospitality should not be defined to satisfy individual ownership but should be built around shared experience and collaboration.

We believe that the need for shared experience is mainly expressed within inner cities. We have therefore been focusing in upscaling obsolete real estate properties within city centers, especially from an environmental point of view. The environmental challenges faced by inner cities remain vastly overlooked by many real estate players.

immeuble paris - Osmose

Our mission

Every day we hope to deliver two things:

  1. Design the locations you will want to see tomorrow,
  2. Break boundaries between private & shared space to foster energy & sharing around local communities.

Our activities

Osmose has deep technical and market knowledge in residential, office and hospitality real estate as demonstrated by its achievements.

Our achievements

Paris 10th

Upgrading a +4000 sqm of mix residential, office and commercial real estate among a full renovation of the spaces. 

Paris 17th

Usage change from residential to office through architectural and environmental renovation + 1800 sqm. 

Marseille 5th

Full redevelopment of +1500 sqm industrial city center building into a modern SME HQ including two rooftop terraces and shared gardens.

Nice Carabacel

Renovation, eviction and full redevelopment of an emblematic residential apartment building.